Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy ­ XXXAdultBox.Com issues this document to inform users of the rules and procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing information from website users, will take all the necessary steps to limit the risk of loss, damage or misuse to all collected user information. expressly disclaims its discretion and limits the membership of web sites and / or privileges strictly to persons aged 18 years or over or who have reached the age of residence of the country of residence. People who do not meet these criteria are strictly prohibited from accessing the website at and / or viewing content. does not intend to collect personal information from people who have not reached the majority, as described here.


Personal Information:

Non­Registered Users

XXXAdultBox.Com users who meet old legacy standards can view photos without registration and without the need to collect and process personal information. It is, however, recommended that site visitors' IP addresses be collected and stored if the site information and / or content is misused.
Registered Members

XXXAdultBox.Com registration is required to upload photos to the site and allow the user to access certain site features. When registering, users must provide personal information in the form of a username and email address, both of which are required.

Members who follow the registration may voluntarily provide personal information such as birth year, sex, and sexual orientation to identify other members who meet certain criteria and allow any communication between members. Personal information, except e-mail addresses and IP addresses, is available to the public.

Uploaded Content:

All users of the site voluntarily disclose and / or post to XXXAdultBox.Com all personal information and / or images will be publicly available and may be collected and accessed by other persons.

Visitors to www.XXXAdultBox.Com agree to place cookies on their computers. Cookies tell you individual browser sessions. Session cookies and permanent cookies are used. The removal of permanent cookies may reduce or inhibit the operation of certain functions of the site.

Log File Information:

The XXXAdultBox.Com servers can automatically collect and store information sent by visitors' web browsers. This information includes the web request of the visitor, the date and time of the request, the type and language of the browser, the IP address, the type of platform, the reference URL and the domain names.

XXXAdultBox.Com keeps a register of all correspondence initiated by users of the site.


Personally identifiable information provided to XXXAdultBox.Com is used to provide users with website features that may contain specialized and / or customized features. The username (with the exception of the email address) of each member who uploads content to XXXAdultBox.Com is displayed with the downloaded content and is visible to other users of the site. Content refers to photos, comments, messages sent via XXXAdultBox.Com's private mail, and other downloads or communications of this type on the site. Please note that users may contact and be contacted by other users via the private message function of XXXAdultBox.Com. All content offered to XXXAdultBox.Com may be distributed via the Internet and / or other media and made available to the general public.

XXXAdultBox.Com will not use e-mail addresses or personally identifiable information from users to send commercial or marketing messages without the consent of the user.

XXXAdultBox.Com can use e-mail addresses for administrative purposes without further authorization. This usage contains notifications of major changes on the website at www.XXXAdultBox.Com, customer service and other related communications.

XXXAdultBox.Com analyzes collected user experience to improve its marketing and hosting activities and improve the quality of user experience.

Opt­in Communication:

Any user who has registered or registered with XXXAdultBox.Com an email address or service provided by XXXAdultBox.Com specifies that an email address may be used to send advertisers, information, trade and / or marketing by e-mail, or other expressive communication. E-mail campaigns allow you to offer invoices to which e-mails create the opportunity that the user wants to make available to the communication. Users can print by selecting "accept / choose" by mail or by choosing the "interest / no" options.

Remember that by choosing "Accept / You", a user / subscriber submits an offer and therefore intends to do his or her personal data, including the email address and other information collected on that item and / or known to others.

Opt­out Communication:

Any user who offers the service provided by XXXAdultBox.Com for the purpose of registering or subscribing to or giving XXXAdultBox.Com expressly acknowledges that the submitted email address may be used to send a bidder, marketing information and / or email marketing, or other communication, and expressly accepts. Bids may be available through email campaigns that may contain a pre-selected preference setting. Cancellation of this option (cancellation) indicates the consent of the user / subscriber for the disclosure of their personal data to third party bidding. If the user / subscriber voids the ability to publish a pre-selected preference, his / her personal data will not be transferred to third parties.


XXXAdultBox.Com releases to all legal tasks collected data or Web site Terms of Service hanthaving or, its subscribers, users or other persons, property, privacy or security. Such information would include, inter alia, the exchange of information for businesses, organizations, or other bodies, including but not limited to, protecting net-income institutions and government agencies against fraud or any other illegal activity, whether such activity is described in the Terms of Service. XXXAdultBox.Com policy is to inform the user in a timely manner, and if communication is permitted by the law and authorized, to make known a mandatory information to a third party. Users who download illegal content purposely pornography XXXAdultBox.Com will send all data available to the relevant authorities, informing users of such operations. XXXAdultBox.Com discloses personally identifiable information to third-party commercial or marketing purposes without authorization, except as part of a specific program or feature, the user may optimalize or waive.


If the user has chosen a password or has a password to access the site or part of the site at www.XXXAdultBox.Com, the user is responsible for the password and removal of the password for opening this password to other parties. XXXAdultBox.Com has a cafe-physical, administrative, and technical rights to protect the integrity of their personal information and their security. However, it is advisable that XXXAdultBox.Com can not guarantee any personal information sent by any Internet security threat and that users who have transferred such a conversion to XXXAdultBox.Com are under their sole responsibility.


Users have the right to access pornographic information on and make corrections directly to the website, or to ask XXXAdultBox.Com for any necessary corrections by e-mail at