Reporting Copyright Infringement ­ DMCA

Reporting Copyright Infringement ­ DMCA

XXXAdultBox.Com agrees with the copyright and the serious violation of these rights and is responsible for all information that is consistent with the DMCA. Full text that can be a contract in America Copyright https: // Upon receipt of the relevant notification regarding your copyright, XXXAdultBox.Com may expire, block access or block the issue of alleged violations and / or terminate the user's permission at XXXAdultBox.Com.

People who believe in the content of XXXAdultBox.Com have violated copyright, must submit copyright notice (DMCA), the instructions described in this document. Owner or agent licensed to act on behalf of a copyright owner has the right to make this statement. If a violator violates copyright or charge rights, XXXAdultBox.Com may, easily, restricte and / or disable access to a website of a web site. at MicrosoftXXXAdultBox.Com website. If such a step is taken, XXXAdultBox.Com has taken all the steps that may be disclosed to the user that they have been able to use it or to suspend it by giving it / the opportunity to submit the notification notice. , the link in the documents.

Note that XXXAdultBox.Com is intended to violate all DMCA records violations of copyright when the project is taken.

Filing Notice of Sharing Information

Ownership of the XXXAdultBox.Com or any authorized copyright owner should submit the copyright rights on the XXXAdultBox.Com website at After obtaining a copyright copy, in accordance with the terms of this document, XXXAdultBox.Com will take the appropriate and appropriate action mentioned above and also exclude the contents in the forum.

All copyright copyrights that are transmitted to XXXAdultBox.Com must contain the following information:

- It is understood that the content is considered to be allegedly copyright. When the number of offenses alleged to have occurred, a list of the names of such items must be listed. Content statement is suspected of violations which must be sent into a process to verify that XXXAdultBox.Com can search for such content and must include at least the correct address at XXXAdultBox.Com where such content is available.

- Sufficient contact information by which may contact the complainant. This information must include the name, address, telephone number and email address of the complainant, if any.

- The good faith alleges that the use of the content in question is not the owner of the copyright, to act as authorized by the owner of the copyright or by the law. - Confirmation that the information contained in the information is accurate and that, when submitting individual declarations, there is the exclusive right of the owner or authorized owner to act, which should be violated.
- The physical or electronic signature of the copyright holder or authorized agent to act in agreement with the copyright holder.

It is recommended that a DMCA copyright warning that does not include this information as a whole may be useless.

He also advises that the DMCA warning and all information contained therein, including personal information, may be subject to the content of the downloader as a dispute. The submission of the DMCA means an agreement between the complainant and the disclosure of this information.
By submitting a copyright infringement notice, the court initiates legal proceedings with a minor, the abuse of which may result in suspension and / or other legal consequences. Individuals who are known to disclose that the content found on are in copyright infringement may be exposed to the damages described in section 512 (f) of the DMCA.

Filing Notice of reliable counterpoint

Anyone can file a DMCA warning, which believes that the content of which he has published XXXAdultBox.Com deleted or disabled by mistake or misidentification may be due to submit a communication on the e-mail / p / contact- nin.html. This comment should be stored as satisfactory content for the original downloader or by an authorized agent to make the name of the original downloader. All administrators submitted by XXX must contain the following information:

- Identify the content that should conflict with the copyright with the site, said the content before disabling it or getting rid of XXXAdultBox.Com.

- A statement of good faith believes that the content that is contained is disabled or removed from for error or misidentification.

- Confirmation that the person representing the administration accepts the jurisdiction of the Federal Court in the areas where he / she lives. People who register outside the United States are in agreement with the jurisdiction of operators Parties submitting a notice of notification agree to accept acceptance of the testing service provided by the complaining party with the original DMCA warning or an authorized representative acting on behalf of the complainant.

- Original name Uploader, address, phone number and a physical or electronic signature, which is the administrator or an authorized representative, who acts according to the original uploader.

* Consider that administrations that do not meet these criteria you can not answer, like

In the case of XXXAdultBox.Com to receive admins, this message will be sent to the complaining party called the original DMCA notice. XXXAdultBox.Com also declares that a complaint that deactivated or deleted content will be returned after 10 days, but not more than 14 working days from the date of notification of the contract, if XXXAdultBox.Com has received a notice of complaint The parties have called for the original DMCA warning that this person has filed a complaint against the anti-grading block of the copyright infringement portion in the future. They advise that adminecrezentigoj XXXAdultBox.Com complains that half of the original DMCA warnings include personal data celebrations, featuring an anti-rumor, and that people have this contractual authorization to disclose personal information. Kontraŭstaraĵoj sent to the parties in addition to the complainant party of origin DMCA warning or the law, where the amounts and / or individuals or entities in the rights of exercise and protection of XXXAdultBox.Com.

* We also recommend that people know that it is clear that the content published by its XXXAdultBox.Com has been removed or disabled due to an error or misidentification due to the liability of the damages described in the section DMCA 512 (f).

Repeat Violations

This is the XXXAdultBox.Com policy that disables or disables user accounts that violate DMCA XXXAdultBox.Com content that they do not own copyright. XXXAdultBox.Com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or disable the account of any user in violation of the intellectual property rights of others, regardless of the number of such offenses.